A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You’re a Dragon! Doing Dragon things! Like burning homes and villagers and raiding keeps for gold and fame. Except the more gold you collect the more defensive the villagers become. Will you be able to collect the most gold in the history of the dragons or will you fly too greedily and succumb to the volley of arrows?!

Be careful, for gold is heavy. Will you hire gerblins to collect the gold for you or will you try to go it alone and risk being an easy target for the archers trying to secure what you’ve stolen?

A game created by:

Elfcirynn - Art



and UnlikelyNomad - Programming



Install instructions

Unzip the contents to a directory of your choice and run the application


drgn - win.zip 27 MB
drgn - mac.zip 28 MB
drgn - linux.zip 30 MB

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